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End of Season Green Maintenance

End of season mow. 20/09/15

Now that the outdoor bowling season has finished, we need to urgently undertake the end of season maintenance to the Green.  This  year we have set ourselves a number of tasks that need to be done before the cold weather sets in.

Ditch & Turf to be replaced

For a number of years, we have experienced problems in getting the newly sown grass seed to germinate and to get established near to the clubhouse. It is an area that gets very heavy use, causing wear & tear.  Also, the end ditch has come to the end of its useful life & needs replacing.

8am Sun.20th September

Programme (1) of works for the Week

  • To enlarge & excavate the soil & sand from the Clubhouse end ditch
  • To remove the old steel rods that are supporting the Green's ditch boards.
  • Install new ditch boards using wooden spikes below the new playing surface.
  • To remove 100 sq mtrs of existing turf from the green in front of the Clubhouse
  • Set aside some of the good turf for re-use at the other end of the green near the gate.
  • Install a shingle drainage channel beneath the existing & the new playing surface between rinks 1 & 2
  • To core the whole area where the turf has been removed from & then apply fertiliser. Re-level area, then apply a Rootzone base ready for the new turf to be laid.
  • Lay the 100 sq mtr. of New Turf
  • Apply top dressing where neccessary.
  • Half fill the new ditch with drainage shingle.
  • Fit new ditch liner base in the spring.
Fitting the core cutters

Programme (2) of works for the week.

  • To core the Green between the Clubhouse blue line & the Road end ditch.
  • Clear the Green of the cores, using rakes and brooms
  • Scarify the Green in two directions.
  • Apply top dressing where neccessary.
  • Overseed the whole green with grass seed. (Work in using the back of rakes & brooms.)
  • Apply fertilizer to whole of the Green
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